Ridge Gourd Loofah

Ridge Gourd Loofah

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Switch to a biodegradable natural loofah. 

Made from the fibre of the ridge gourd vegetables that are naturally dried up while still on the plant. It is then peeled and cleaned. The loofah retains the shape of the vegetable. 

With no added synthetic fabrics, it helps to exfoliate your body gently without leaving any rashes or marks. Use this as a daily ritual for radiant and soft skin.

Your natural plant loofah needs a little prep before your first use.  

Prep: Soak the loofah in warm water for about 12 hours before the first use. Pour a few drops your favourite body wash on the loofah. Rub it to lather and leave it for a minute. Rinse, Squeeze the loofah off the excess water and hang dry. Your loofah is now ready to use.

Care: Ridge gourd naturally is a water vegetable and soaks water well. Hang loofah to dry after use. 

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