Zero-Waste Workshops - Everything you ever wanted to know about starting and sustaining a zero-waste lifestyle

"We don’t need a few people doing Zero Waste perfectly, we need a million people doing Zero waste imperfectly!"

Be a model community. 

If you are five or more families who believe in earth-first values and want to build a better tomorrow or even just do your bit for the planet, we would love to be a part of your journey!  

At the Goodness Factory, one of our missions is to help people move and sustain an eco-friendly and zero-waste lifestyle without compromising on quality or convenience.

Most of us take the first steps but due to our busy lifestyles and with resources not being available when we need it end up returning to plastic essentials. 

Through a workshop we help families plan their daily essential requirements one-time and make sure it is delivered to them as and when they need it so they never have to fall behind.   

Invite us for an interactive session and we can help your community ditch the plastic from your daily lifestyles forever.   


  • What is a zero waste lifestyle
  • Understanding the impact of the plastic waste that we generate everyday  
  • Small changes that can help you make large impact  
  • Through a small activity, we will help you plan the requirements of your essentials for your household  Decide on how you want to start your journey through your own set commitments at your own convenience.  

We will work with you to plan your requirement, we will deliver all your lifestyle essentials you need, when you need it & where you need it.   

Make eco your new normal!