We are now The Goodness Factory!

 We are changing! 

No, not our products, our values, or what we are trying to build. We are changing our name, though. Here’s how that happened…

In May, we piloted our idea of creating a sustainable good business under the name Idam. We were curious to know how people would respond to what we were offering and wondered if it held merit as a business. As expected, you didn’t disappoint! 

In a short span of time, we received a tremendous amount of support from people across the country who were willing to bet on us. Our conversations with many of our customers left us grateful and certain that we’re here to stay and to do business the right way. 

However, along this journey, we lost the name we’d picked to someone else who trademarked it before we did. But true to what we stand for, we’re taking every curveball as a chance to learn, grow, and do better.

Taking this experience in our stride, we’ve used this time to re-brand ourselves. After some deliberation and conversations with many of you, we are now 'The Goodness Factory'. 



Our aim has been to normalize eco-friendly lifestyles where eco is the regular, normal way of living and not an 'alternative lifestyle’. Our new brand will continue to reflect our value of being an organization that does well while being good. 

The Goodness Factory provides eco-friendly solutions to everyday products without compromising on quality and convenience. We ensure that the making and distribution of our products will do no harm to the ecosystem that we operate out of, be it our people, animals, or the environment. 

We believe that our new name fully resonates with what we are building – a business that aims to do well while being good.

We are excited to get started on the next leg of our adventure and look forward to your continued support. So onward, with a ton of learning in our (eco-friendly, metaphorical) satchel and a new beginning to look forward to! 

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