17 easy things you can do to go eco friendly today

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 We’re all looking for ways to do better by our planet. But we often forget that it isn’t one big choice that will turn everything around. What it takes are a series of small choices and continuous daily commitments.

If you are wondering where you can start, we’ve put together a list of 17 eco-friendly things you can do to get going right away:

Energy Conservation at Home

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1.Don't forget to unplug

Many of our electronic devices consume energy even when we aren’t using them. The best way to save energy is by unplugging each of them whenever possible.

2. Turn off your switches

This one is so simple and yet, we need the reminder. Make sure that all your electric switches to lights, fans, and so on are turned off when you are not using them.

 3.Choose natural light

It isn’t just photographers, our environment would also love for you to choose natural light. Avoid turning on electric lights unless you need to. Draw open your curtains and let the sun in!

 4.Turn off your taps

This is such a small but important step to save water. Turn off your tap while brushing your teeth or lathering your dishes before rinsing. Make sure your tap is never left running or dripping.

 5. Fix leaky faucets

It’s easy to ignore a leaky faucet. We mop the bathroom a couple of times a day or even leave a bucket under the faucet as easy ways out. But make the effort to call a plumber and get that faucet fixed today. Every drop you save matters.

 6.Take shorter showers

We all love a hot bath at the end of a long day. But these showers also waste a lot of water. Start by saving a few minutes of your bath. Take a 10-minute bath instead of your usual 15. You better believe that it makes a difference!

Waste management at Home

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 7. Recycle

From your plastic bottles to your plastic bags to old CDs, there are materials all around your house that you can save from a landfill. A quick search online will tell you where you can leave these off in your neighborhood or how you can reuse them into something useful.

8. Upcycle

You get to save the planet and make art, we can’t think of a greater win-win! Turning your glass bottles into table decor, turning plastic bottles into funky jewellery, or turning tins into pen stands are some super easy and fun ways to get started.

 9. Compost

Composting is one of the most incredible ways to go eco friendly. You not only have less waste but also get chemical-free, nutrient-rich soil to use in your lawn or your little kitchen garden!

 10. Grow your Food Garden

Now that you’ve got your compost ready, grow some of your own veggies! It’s the best way to ensure that no toxic chemicals are used in the food you eat.

11. Food waste management

Freeze food whenever possible and save it for another meal. Use leftovers and make a new dish from it the next day. Try to reduce the amount of waste you generate while cooking each time.

12. Decrease meat and dairy consumption

Animal agriculture is the second-largest contributor to human-made greenhouse gas emissions and the leading cause for deforestation, and water and air pollution. Reducing the amount of meat and dairy you consume can create a significant change to this industry and the havoc it wreaks on our environment.

Living a sustainable lifestyle

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13. Buy locally sourced products

Reducing the air miles on what you buy can also help reduce your carbon footprint. From your groceries to your clothes to your electronics, choose local. It matters.

14. Go natural with your cosmetics and cleaners

Most of our cosmetics and household items such as detergents and soaps are made of harmful chemicals. Use natural skin care products. Choose brands that are eco-friendly!

15. Use green transport

Choose to walk distances that you can. Many cities even have cycles that you can use to get around now. Using public transport or even carpooling are other ways you can limit the pollution you contribute to.

16. Pre-loved your way forward

Commit to buy new goods as rarely as possible. From clothes to books to electronics, there are many ways you can purchase good-quality used products or swap for the goods you need. Make pre-loved your go-to shopping choice.

17.Try the zero-waste lifestyle

Some steps like carrying eco friendly bags, carrying metallic straws, and reusable bottles can all go a long way in reducing the plastic you will need to buy during your day. Buying these are small investments that can save you from having to make a lot of harmful decisions. Don’t forget that each step counts!


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